Order Beef Today!

Our next round of Belted Galloway Beef will be available in November 2023! 

$400 down will hold your beef order.

We take cash or check for payment. 

Please call Neal(859-227-8894) 

or email (info@cedarrockfarmoflenoir.com) with your order or with questions.

Quarter Beef

100 lbs Hanging Weight / 55 lbs Cut/Wrapped - $850

Half Beef

200 lbs Hanging Weight /110 lbs Cut/Wrapped - $1,650

Whole Beef

400 lbs Hanging Weight / 220 lbs Cut/Wrapped - $3,200

*AII weights & prices are approximate and final pricing will be determined by the hanging weight of the beef.

** The cuts of beef include: Ground Beef, Brisket, Roasts (Rump Roast, London Broil, or Eye of Round), and Steaks (Sirloins, NY Strips, Ribeyes, and Filet Mignon).